Christmas gift guide 2022

Christmas gift guide 2022

Christmas can be a tough season to navigate when you've got a lot of people to buy for, all with varying interests and ages. We've collated a gift guide to help take the stress out of gift giving this season, with a range of options to suit your brief.

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Stocking fillers

The Skin Kitchen Lip Scrub, $16 - soften and sweeten your lips with this all natural, vegan lip scrub. Perfect for removing flaky, sun chapped lips this summer.

The Base Collective Sleep Balm, $26 - a lightweight yet deeply nourishing formula that will leave your muscles relaxed and skin smooth, clear and glowing.

George & Edi Hand Cream, $25 - nourish hard-working hands with a lightly perfumed, hydrating and natural hand cream. Containing apricot oil, shea butter and kiwi seed oil, this cream is quickly absorbed, non-greasy and deeply nourishing.

Forage + Bloom EBT, $10 - a beautiful, sophisticated and satisfying strong black tea.

Aotea Kawakawa Balm, $20 - a multi-purpose soothing balm, based on the traditional use of Kawakawa for irritations, abrasions, and inflammation. A handbag size, skin fix-all!

Under $55

George & Edi candle, $43 - poured by hand and made in Wanaka, these candles are created from natural soy wax with cotton braided wicks. Available in three beautiful scents.

The Skin Kitchen Hydrating Body Lotion, $46 - formulated with hydrating oils and essential fatty acids to keep your skin hydrated for longer. While also being packed with antioxidants to increase circulation and promote collagen production.

Veletta Face Cloths 2 pack, $20 - these face cloths are silky and soft for a gentle but very effective cleanse that won’t compromise your skin’s barrier. Made from 100% PVA (Polyvinyl alcohol) - a water-soluble synthetic polymer, it is biodegradable and PVA fabric breaks down over time and use.

Manuka Dreams 3 pack of silk scrunchies, $55 - the perfect gift for a stylish friend or family member, these 100% Mulberry silk scrunchies are not only gentle on hair, they also add an extra flair to your up-do!

For the house proud

Manuka Dreams Silk Pillowcase, $105 - made from the highest quality, Grade A, 22-Momme 100% Pure Mulberry Silk. This is the perfect weight and density for silk that actually restores and protects your hair & skin, reducing fine lines and hydrating your skin while you sleep. 

Murchison-Hume Hand Soap & Cream set, $85 - this gift set includes Murchison-Hume Superlative Hand Soap and Velvet Glove Hand Cream, along with a stylish ceramic dish to nestle them within. 

George & Edi Reed Diffuser, $58 - these reed diffusers deliver a beautiful background scent in the home, and they look stunning displayed somewhere special.

For the wellness advocate

The Beauty Chef Cleanse Inner Beauty Support, $75 - Eliminate. Purify. Realign. A bio-fermented super-greens powder to help the body realign and support your natural cleansing processes. CLEANSE is ideal for combatting sluggishness after times of excess.

The Base Collective Magnesium Bath Salts, $16 - unwind and soak the day away. Magnesium is known to relax tired muscles and enhance recovery, while working wonders with overall skin health. 

Manuka Dreams Sleep Spray, $55 - a natural and gentle way to assist with setting you up for a restorative and relaxing night of beauty sleep. 

Forage + Bloom Nourish Loose Leaf Tea, $15 - a sweet and nourishing herbal tea blend with therapeutic benefits: adrenal tonic, liver tonic, blood sugar balancing, antimicrobial and warming

For the skincare obsessive        

The Beauty Chef GLOW Inner Beauty Essential, $65 - a daily beauty powder for radiant skin and gut health.                 

Aotea Harakeke Seed Oil Night Cream, $48 - a 100% natural nourishing night Cream, apply this cream every night and wake up to improved skin that looks and feels hydrated.

Veletta Rejuvenating Oil, $120 - a delicately-textured but nutrient-rich essence packed with highly efficacious vitamins and fatty acids. It instantly nourishes skin, strengthening the skin's natural moisture barrier; boosting natural radiance, softening and conditioning the skin and improving skin tone.

Essentially Creative Overnight Rosehip Balm, $32 - this organic, ultra nourishing recipe packs a skin quenching punch and is well suited to dry or mature skin. It can calm and reduce redness and aids in diminishing pigmentation, it hydrates & repairs.

For the traveller

Sol Glass Reusable Coffee Cup, $28 - these beautiful reusable glass coffee cups are made from hand-blown glass, and are 100% plastic and chemical free.

Murchison-Hume Travel Safe Surface Spray, $15 - a must-have for your next trip. It's TSA compliant and small enough to take anywhere. We like to use it on everything from our Uber seat belt to hotel remotes and restaurant menus.

George & Edi Creme Perfume, $38 - these beautiful crème perfumes are the ideal way to stay smelling gorgeous without the need for harsh sprays. The creme formula means you don't have to worry about liquids on the plane.n

Earth's Kitchen SPF50 Natural Sun Protection, $40 - made from all natural ingredients, this sunscreen is reef-safe, gentle, water resistant, non-toxic and made in NZ.