The idea for Temple+Co came about because we couldn't find a store specialising in premium natural ingredient-based products, from all the brands we love. So we decided to open one, and here we are.

We want to provide the best shopping experience for our lovely customers, and our handpicked stable of premium brands are the best non-toxic, natural ingredient-based and/or organic products around, sourced locally and globally. We've tried out so many ourselves, and we only sell the best ones. We have fallen in love with these products and we know you will too.

We believe in self-care, and we think that there’s not enough time for it in our busy lives. We need to make wellness a priority, and take good care of ourselves and our families. We also like to discover new products and brands, and share them with our customers. Join us on our journey to good health and wellness.

Live life well.


 Founder & Director - Amanda Burke

I began my working life as a journalist, and then travelled overseas, which inspired a change of career into education. Over the past decade, I’ve juggled work and home life as our family has grown. Like many women, over the past few years I have become increasingly interested in health and wellness, and I have learnt a lot about why it is important to care about what we put in and on our bodies, and what we use in our homes. As a busy mother of four children, along with work commitments and running a household, I need to stay well and need plenty of energy to keep up with everyone. That is how Temple+Co came about - I had found a number of gorgeous natural health and wellness brands online and started using these products myself, and introducing them to friends and family, who loved them too. I wanted to pull these all together, to create a beautiful shopping experience (because I also really like shopping), with a focus on great service, and to introduce others to these great products.

My philosophy is that it’s what we do most of the time that is important - everything in moderation, including moderation. I love food and cooking, and I’m always up for a wine. I spend a lot of my time running around after children, but I also enjoy getting outside for a walk, going to the gym, reading, Netflix binges, new cookbooks and pottering around with painting and photography. I think life is all about balance - sometimes I do yoga, sometimes I drink wine in my yoga pants. It’s all good.