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Turning to nature to find answers, Sara, founder/creator of The Nude Alchemist, was inspired by the aromatherapy and herbalism world to provide remedies for her family. It all started in 2016 when Sara's firstborn was a few months old, and coffee groups were attended regularly to keep sane. Typical childhood ailments began appearing and discussed, without any great solutions on the current market, so the tinkering and creating began. It soon exploded into an entire range of well-being products.These days, it is a family-run business in Christchurch, New Zealand, with husband Karl giving up his day job after chronic illness hit to run The Nude Alchemist's day-to-day operations, including onsite manufacturing.Sara is at the helm behind the scenes whilst she juggles family life. The entire Nude Alchemist range is aromatherapist-formulated with dilution and safety considered, bringing you ready-to-use products you can be confident in using on your loved ones.